Cambridge Hub offers skilled placements and volunteering opportunities to students, supporting you to gain employability skills whilst tackling social and environmental issues in our community.

Cambridge Hub provides outstanding programmes and activities for university students, including skilled placements, practical volunteering, and events.

We offer Skilled Placements to support you to gain invaluable skills and experience whilst making a huge difference to organisations across Cambridge, and in your life beyond.

  • Engage for Change is a programme for people who want to learn to make change happen, through having effective conversations with those around them. You will design, implement and evaluate your own environmental sustainability-related interventions, using the University as a testing-ground for the skills that you'll develop through the programme.

  • Impact Labs trains teams of University of Cambridge PhD researchers in key impact measurement skills, and pairs them with local youth organisations to help them achieve their goals effectively.

  • The Social Innovation Programme provides students with the opportunity to address challenges posed by charities and social enterprises through research and consultancy placements. No experience is required to join.

We also offer events throughout the term, such as crafty socials and panel discussions on getting ahead in the third sector, and ways to get involved in volunteering.