Interested in making a social impact? Bridges for Enterprise provides pro-bono advice to social entrepreneurs and social businesses, with expertise in Consulting, Finance, Law, and Technology.

#Bridgethegap between career success and making a difference in the world: Finance-Consulting-Law-Startups

Bridges for Enterprise is a registered society at the University of Cambridge that was founded in August 2015. As a global community of students and professionals, we provide pro-bono advice to social entrepreneurs seeking to grow their ventures, creating a more inclusive and sustainable future. We believe that one of the most effective ways of making a tangible difference in the world is through the empowerment of Social Entrepreneurs, who employ "ground-up" sustainable solutions to tackle social issues (e.g. poverty alleviation). Our society aims to attract the most passionate and talented students and professionals who wish to use their careers to make a difference in the world.

There are many ways to get involved with Bridges for Enterprise. Here is a list of roles we are recruiting for:

Consulting team - Analyse and recommend strategies for sustainable business models

Financial advisory team - Evaluate investment proposition of the startups and advise startups on securing funding

Legal advisory team - Provide legal information needed by startups which operate in different jurisdictions and industries

Technology team - Advise startups with technical concerns, which may include addressing specific issues in products/models and using technology to enhance efficiency of operational procedures.

Start-up recruitment team - Form partnerships with incubators and interview start-ups to enter our incubation programme

Marketing team - Create effective marketing campaigns for the entire organisation targeting start-ups and mentors

Growth & Partnerships team - Forge strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the eco-system to better help our social entrepreneurs