The official cam uni digital art society! Whether you just started your art journey or otherwise, join us, we'd love to grow with you! note: we welcome trad and mixed media artists.

We are CUDAS! Cambridge's digital art society (...though non-digital artists are more than welcome too c;). Whether you're a sketchbook aficionado, a Clip Studio junkie, or a MsPaint Picasso, CUDAS welcomes you with open arms.

Come and join us for fortnightly art sessions, where you can vibe with people who are similarly interested in art, draw yourself out of art-block with the optional themes we give you, or just chill and admire everyone else's art. We'll also hold cool events that are distinct from our drawing sessions, so you can talk about how hard colour theory is, or how you've drawn fanart of the same video game character 50 times... we get you, we get you.

All abilities (whether you just started art yesterday or whether you've drawn since you were a newborn) are welcome and strongly encouraged to come and join! let's improve together!

For updates on events, please join our discord.