A welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community for all people interested in fitness! Our main focus is bodybuilding (ie getting huge) but as long as you like working out, you're in the right place!

Whether you’ve got your tan on and are ready to step onto a bodybuilding stage or you’ve never seen the inside of a gym, the Cambridge University Bodybuilding Club is your place to meet other students who also love going to the gym! We are a super inclusive and diverse community, and we welcome everyone who shares these values and also wants to become the best version of themselves! 


Why you should join: 

  • daily ‘club gym sessions’ for our members to train together 
  • exclusive workshops and speaker events with personal trainers, dieticians, fitness influencers and many more to teach you how to make optimal gains 
  • BY FAR the coolest stash, including really sick pump covers and shaker bottles! 
  • extremely fun socials, often with free snacks and protein shakes 
  • discount codes for supplements, equipment, gym clothes etc. 
  • super welcoming community of gym rats where we all motivate and help each other reach our fitness goals - especially if you’re a beginner, we’re here to show you how this whole gym thing works :)


How to become a member: 

There’s no membership fee – just gains and good vibes!

  1. Log in on the Cambridge SU website using your Raven account 
  2. Select the relevant membership option (Standard Membership if you’re a current Cambridge student; Associate Membership if you’re an Alumna/Alumnus) and click ‘Add to Basket’
  3. Check out
  4. You’re in and ready to make gains! 
  5. Look out for an email from us with details on how to join our WhatsApp group chat where we organise our club gym sessions and share useful information :)