Society for geocaching, finding containers hidden in the world using GPS.

What is geocaching?

There are millions of containers hidden just about everywhere, with their coordinates posted on https://www.geocaching.com/. They all contain at least a logbook that you can sign, and many contain items for trade (SWAG). Some require solving puzzles or completing multiple stages.


Our activities

Geocaches are often planted a series, allowing you to find many in succession along a walk or cycle. The society aims to organise trips to complete these, both in cambridge and further afield. And of course purely social pub meetings and the like.

The society will also devise, place and maintain its own geocaches. Hopefully collaborative efforts can produce something amazing!

We also provide a space to share your own geocaching stories and pictures, and engage in discussion.


How to get involved

The main forum of discourse is the discord server, which can be joined at https://discord.gg/9TDsjhHKNU. Discord is a feature-rich messaging platform that more and more groups are using, so it may be worth making an account if you don't have one. All events and news will be posted there. You can also join the mailing list at https://lists.srcf.net/mailman/listinfo/cgcs-list (raven login required) to receive the same updates in email form. Finally, the same updates will be posted to the events page of our website https://cgcs.soc.srcf.net/ along with an archive of past events.