CUSI is a society dedicated to promoting and supporting science improv, i.e. science-themed improvised theatre ("improv") and improv practised and performed by scientists.

Everybody! Welcome to Science Improv - improvised theatre for all with a science-twist. Besides being a load of fun, improv is also an excellent way to switch off from the working day, get creative, whilst having the added benefit of increasing your confidence and communications skills!

Come and get involved!

Taster sessions:

4th and 11th October, 7pm - 9 pm. All invited.

Beginners course:

8 week programme on Sundays.

Starts: 15th October Finish: 3rd December

10:30am - 1pm

Email to sign up: camscienceimprov@gmail.com 

£110 early bird rate (until. £130 otherwise. (Colleges/Departments will often pay this fee if you ask!)

Watch our show!

Spontaneous Reactions! Next show 5th October. Search for us on Eventbrite!

Weekly practice sessions

For those with improv experience, we meet every week on Wednesday at 7pm. For more information, please email us on:



You can also find us online at our website http://cusi.soc.srcf.net/ and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @ CUScienceImprov.