Camstart is a non-profit run by Cambridge University students to create social impact globally. We help young people become social entrepreneurs and take on society’s biggest challenges.

Camstart is a non-profit organisation based at the University of Cambridge. We are run by students from Cambridge University to create social impact globally.

Our mission is to empower school students worldwide to become social entrepreneurs by equipping them with the right skills, knowledge, and mindset through our Academy and Accelerator programme. The Academy includes a curriculum of videos, hands-on projects and live workshops with social entrepreneurs to help students learn about social entrepreneurship and develop their own ideas and projects. The Accelerator provides a competitively selected group of student project teams with expert mentoring, personalised resources, and dedicated support to help take their social impact projects to the next level. All of our programmes are remote and completely free.

By joining Camstart, you will manage and support our programmes, getting the chance to:

  • Directly influence projects creating social impact
  • Gain experience at a global non-profit organisation
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals and leading social entrepreneurs
  • Develop valuable skills and project management experience for your career
  • Gain insights into social entrepreneurship

Apply to join us here: https://forms.gle/QvqPxBU5izTZyoKMA

You can download our term card, visit our website, or email us at team@camstart.org to find out more!

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