"The reason for doing economics, ultimately, is to create humane and realistic policies to make the world a better place, especially for those people least able to defend themselves" - G.C Harcourt

The Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP) is a society run by a dedicated group of students united by the belief that progress in the discipline of economics will be driven by an increasingly interdisciplinary approach and a pluralist platform in the 21st century. CSEP aims to enrich the understanding of Economics within Cambridge, promote alternative views on conventional thought, and make the discipline more applicable to real world problems.

CSEP runs lectures and panels on topics such as: the impacts of climate change from economic, anthropological, and developmental perspectives; policies to overcome income and wealth inequality and pursue full employment; patriarchal economic systems and pursuit of gender equity; and many more! 

To this end the society organises a range of events, including a speaker series of renowned guests from around the world, our own student-led Paper 0 lectures, and pushing for curriculum reform.

All of our events are FREE and OPEN for all! We are a growing community with over 800 current members - not just Econs!

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