outreach at cambridge

So many Cambridge students are working to improve outreach to the University, their Colleges and their Departments. Getting involved in outreach work can feel overwhelming with there so being so many opportunities on offer. The SU works closely with the University to coordinate student outreach across Cambridge. Here you can:

  • Find out more about what outreach opportunities are available
  • Talk to staff and students about outreach projects 
  • Propose new outreach projects to recieve insitutional support

Below you can propose new outreach projects to be supported by the SU and University, including a £5000 grant specifically for student-led access.

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Access Forums

Access Forums are held twice a term for students leading on access to come together, discuss, collaborate, and change how we run outreach at Cambridge. JCR Access Officers attend as College representatives but any students are welcome to join. Forums are especially helpful for:

  • Raising issues with the SU and University
  • Putting together shared policies and suggestions from students 
  • Sharing ideas on outreach projects