So many Cambridge students are working to improve access to the University, their Colleges and their Departments. Cambridge University should be accessible to everyone but we know that isn't the case. If you are passionate about giving the tools to prospective students to make informed decisions about Cambridge and University in general, this is the place for you!

Getting involved in outreach work can feel overwhelming with there so being so many opportunities on offer. The SU works closely with the University to coordinate student-led outreach across Cambridge. Below you can propose new outreach projects to be supported by the SU and University, including a £5000 grant specifically for access run by students. If you are applying for funding you can see the Example Budget Proposal.

Outreach can be understood in two ways regarding these proposals:

Outreach for prospective students

Widening access to Cambridge University for students interested in applying to Cambridge, seeking to advance knowledge of the undergraduate or postgraduate admissions process and ensuring under-represented students have the tools to make informed decisions about University. Examples may include: a webinar on interview guidance for your subject; a schools tour to North East state schools; a residential for British-Pakistani students. 

Outreach to the local community

These proposals will look to widen participation in the University for local students and residents, acknowledging the role that Cambridge University can play in fostering community and providing educational opportunities to the city. Examples may include: a fundraising event for winter emergency accommodation; families trip to Cambridge University Museums; open lecture series for Cambridge residents. 


Safeguarding Guidance

You can seek support on safeguarding through the above form. If you are unsure on how your access projects should engage with safeguarding children, please read the guidance created from NSPCC resources. 


Alternative prospectus 

If you would like to update or add anything to the Alternative Prospectus you can do so here, or email