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Freshers' Week


You’re invited: Cambridge SU Virtual Freshers’ Fair
5th- 6th October 2021 | Supported by Domino’s Pizza


Get ready for the biggest event in the freshers’ calendar – the annual Cambridge SU Freshers’ Fair. On Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th of October, we’ll be hosting hundreds of Clubs, Societies and commercial partners on Parker’s Piece. There’ll be drinks, food, entertainment and of course, plenty of freebies! 

Here at Cambridge SU we’ve been spending the past months putting together the very best aspects of student life into one big space for you to discover. Regardless if you’re a new or returning student, postgrad or undergrad, home or international – this is the fair all about, and for, you!

If you aren’t able to attend our in-person fair, then there is no need to worry. We will have our online Freshers’ Fair site with the same great societies to discover. For more detailed information on the Freshers’ Fair, including how to grab a free ticket for the event please visit the Cambridge SU website. If you have any questions about the fair, please contact:


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View all Cambridge SU freshers' events

Shopping Trip & Tour (2)
29th September 2pm - 5pm
Meet on King's Parade
Movie Night (week two)
29th September 9pm - 11pm
To be announced
Outdoor Mingling & Games
30th September 10am - 2pm
Parker's Piece
International Formal Hall
30th September 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Churchill College
Club Night #1
30th September 10pm - 3am
Mash Nightclub
Early Bird Club Night #1
30th September 10pm - 3am
Mash Nightclub
Participate in behavioural research at Cambridge Judge Business School
1st October midnight - 30th September midnight
Shopping Trip & Tour (3)
1st October 9am - noon
Meet on King's Parade
Garden Party
1st October 2pm - 6pm
Jesus Green
Board Game Night (2)
1st October 8pm - midnight
To be announced
Pub Crawl (2)
1st October 8pm - midnight
Meeting point to be announced
Club Night #2
1st October 10pm - 3am
Club Night #2 FLASH SALE
1st October 10pm - 3am
Early Bird Club Night #2
1st October 10pm - 3am
2nd October 11:30am - 1:30pm
Fitzwilliam College
Punting Trip (2)
2nd October 3pm - 5pm
Scudamore's Mill Lane Punting Station
Cambridge SU Freshers' Fair
5th October 10am - 6th October 4pm
Parker's Piece
Fresher fair
5th October 10am - 4pm
Parker's Piece
Fresher Fair
6th October 10am - 4pm
Parker's Piece
Cambridge Insight Evening
6th October 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Coldham's Lane Army Reserve Centre
Come meet current members of our unit and learn more about what we get up to!
Cambridge LARP Society Drop In
8th October 7pm - 10pm
Fort St George pub
An out of character meet and greet where you can talk to us about what the socety does, our new game, and LARPing in general.


What else happens during freshers' week?

Freshers' Timetable

When you arrive you’ll be sent a timetable of events in your College and around the University by your JCR/MCR (Junior/Mature Common Room). The events on the timetable will be a mix of nights out and nights in, giving you casual ways to meet fellow students. There’ll be non-alcoholic options, and don’t feel pressured to attend any events you aren’t keen on – there are plenty of ways to make friends while you’re here so just do what you’re comfortable with.



One of the first things that will happen when you arrive is that you will “matriculate” – it’s all very Harry Potter but without the sorting hat. It usually involves a group photo, a formal dinner and a ceremony where you shake someone’s hand and sign an enrolment agreement. Matriculating basically means fully enrolling into your college, but with a bit more ceremony. You may be required to buy a gown to matriculate in when you arrive (they’re around £40), but you might be able to buy a second hand one for cheaper. Postgraduate students can buy or hire a gown from the SU Reception and Undergraduate students should purchase their gowns from their respective college supplier.


College parents and siblings

You will get the opportunity to meet your college parents (see our Feel Prepared section for more information). They will show you around college when you arrive and probably have a “family dinner” with you.


Start of term

At Cambridge, weeks start on Thursday. This means that if you arrive on the weekend, you have four days before lectures start. Before this you’ll have time to meet your Director of Studies (DoS) who will go over your timetable and give you some advice about starting work at Cambridge. If you’re lost or confused, the Student Advice Service will be able to send you in the right direction.

Michaelmas | Tue 5th Oct – Fri 3rd Dec
Lent | Tue 18th Jan – Fri 18th March
Easter | Tue 26th April – Fri 17th June

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