On Saturday 24 February, we are visiting Wat Sri Intra Atula.
It is a monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition. We have visited this monastery several times in the past, and everyone enjoyed it. During the visit, we will be guided by the senior monk Ajahn Taat. He is a very good teacher, and this will be a great chance for you to ask any questions, practice meditation and spend the day in a calm environment.

If you would like to join, please sign up using the following link by 22 Feb (Thu) 23:59.
If the const is a concern, you can request a travel subsidy.

Details of the monastery is available here.

Following is the plan for the day:

0715: Meet at Cambridge station
0753–0944 Cambridge to Gatwick Airport
0958–1018 Bus 422 Gatwick South Terminal to Wat Sri Intra Atula (alighting at Bonwicke Cottages)
Dhamma discussions with Ajahn Taat
Sitting/walking Meditation
1740–1811 Bus 422 Wat Sri Intra Atula (Bonwicke Cottages) to Gatwick South 
1816–2011 Gatwick Airport to Cambridge