Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/14p7pbl4v

Hi all! Come along to this event for a chance to 'toast' to the New Year, share your hopes and aspirations for the coming year and for some general good company! We will be spending the first part of the event doing exactly this, and we look forward to seeing you there.

For the latter part, we will be opening up a discussion forum of the new statement by the University, so feel free to pop along to share your thoughts, feelings and frustrations - we hope that the time will alow for international students abroad to take part, too.

OBS: Notes will be taken of the points/concerns raised in the discussion forum, but these will of course remain anonymised and you will not be identifiable from the points you have raised. These notes will be used to feed into Class Act meetings and plans of action.

Accessibility Statement:
The event will be held on Microsoft Teams, allowing for closed captioning. You are welcome to have your microphone on or off and come and go as you please. Please note that you cannot change your display name on Teams, so your name will appear as the one on your Cambridge account. You are welcome to join from a personal account as a guest to get around this! 
For the discussion, we expect the use of content warnings/notes if discussing sensitive content, so that people will have the opportunity to mute/leave if this makes them uncomfortable. 
During the event, there will be an access break every 45 minutes or upon request.
If you have any questions/concerns then either message our Facebook page or reach out to the International Students' Officer, Beritane Cheikhi