Looking after yourself


Life as a student at Cambridge is full of new exciting, rewarding and fulfilling opportunities. However, while you may be here to study, it is important to make sure you look after your mental health, take breaks from work, find time to socialise and time for yourself amidst all the business of a Cambridge term. There are many places where you can find support if you are struggling at all, on both a college and university level. Your College pastoral team, college nurse and J/MCR welfare officers are all there to support you from your college, and there is a huge network of support for students at a University level and provided by the SU. In particular, the Students’ Union runs the Student Advice Service, which provides incredible support and advice for all students across the University. If you are a postgraduate student, I’d suggest you join the UCU, the Union which represents academic and academic-related staff working in Further and Higher Education in the UK (masters students join free!).





The Student Advice Service provides independent, confidential and impartial advice and support to all students at the University of Cambridge. From working relationships to health issues that are impacting on your time at Cambridge, from finance issues to grievances, or from exam related issues to disability, we are here to help you explore your options, including supporting you through any College or University informal or formal procedures you choose to pursue. We are a small team of non-judgemental professional Advisors that can provide advice by email, phone or video call. You can find information about the service and how to make an appointment here.


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Other sources of support


The University Counselling Service (UCS) provides students with free counselling, workshops, and group sessions. There is also a specialist Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor based within the service who provides support for survivors of sexual violence.


If you need to talk to someone at night, Nightline (01223 744444) is a student-run anonymous listening line that runs from 7 pm to 7 am during full term. You can find their website here.


The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) is a great source of support, and can help you get a diagnosis or disclose a condition if you haven't already. They provide everything from guidance on assessments and reasonable adjustments to study skills, mentors and much more.