At Cambridge, the gown you wear depends either on what degree (if any) you already hold, or else your age – the course you are studying is irrelevant. Graduates of the University of Cambridge wear the gown corresponding to their Cambridge degree. In practice, there are only a handful of different styles that are commonly required by graduate students.

In contrast, graduate students who have a degree from any other University wear a gown which depends on their age.

Undergraduate students wear a gown determined by their College.


Graduates of the University of Cambridge


BA gown

The BA gown is made of black "stuff" (ie black fabric other than silk) and has long, wide open sleeves like a wizard's robe.  These sleeves are slit vertically from the shoulders and caught together at the bottom of the slit. BA gowns also have "strings", which are black ribbons attached inside the shoulders. These are vestigial and barely decorative as they are not normally visible.

The BA gown is longer than undergraduate gowns, but shorter than an MA gown, falling just below the knees.

BA & MA Gowns

MA gown

The MA gown may either be made of black "stuff" or black silk. Like the BA gown, it has strings.

The primary difference between the MA and BA gown is in the sleeves: the MA gown has long sleeves which reach far past the length of the arm and are sealed at the end.  This is majestic, but impractical: there are therefore slits in the sleeves through which you stick your arms get the use of your hands back. The ends of the sleeves have a semi-circle of cloth cut away to form a hook-shape, and are an excellent place to keep your sandwiches.

The MA gown is longer than the BA gown, reaching to the mid-calf.


MEng, MMath and MSci gowns

The MEng, MMath and MSci gowns are identical. The gown is the same as the MA gown, with the addition of a circle of cord with a button in the centre on the sleeve above the arm slit.  This embellishment is fondly known as the "wheel of science".


MPhil gown

The MPhil gown is the same as the MA gown, with the addition of a button on the shoulder, a button just above the arm slit, and cord connecting the two.


PhD gown

The PhD gown is the same as the MA gown, with the addition of "Doctors’ lace, four inches (10 cm) in length" (Doctors' lace is a pattern resembling a row of lacy squares) just above the arm slit. On Scarlet Days, PhDs wear a festal gown, which is either the MA or the PhD gown but with facings of scarlet cloth all the way down the front lapels.

Cambridge SU does not deal in PhD gowns, because by the time they require one most people will no longer be members!



Authoritative descriptions of all the University's gowns, including the less common gowns not described above, is given by Chapter 2 § 14 of the University's Ordinances.


Multiple degrees

Graduates with multiple degrees do not (usually) wear multiple gowns. Instead, they wear the gown of their highest degree. From lowest to highest, the order of seniority for common degrees is:

  • BA
  • MSci
  • MEng
  • MMath
  • MPhil
  • MA
  • PhD

The comprehensive order of seniority is given by  Chapter II § 13 of the University's Ordinances.


Graduates of other universities


BA status gown

BA status is held by graduate students at the University who do not already possess a Cambridge degree and are under the age of 24. The BA status gown is identical to the BA gown, except that it does not have the strings. A BA gown can easily pass as a BA status gown by tucking the strings in to the shoulder yoke.  


MA status gown

MA status is held by graduate students at the University who do not already possess a Cambridge degree and are 24 or older. If you hold BA status, and are not Graduated from the University, and turn 24, you can upgrade to an MA Gown. Like the BA equivalent, the MA status gown is an MA gown without the strings – an MA gown can likewise pass as an MA status gown by tucking in the strings.



Each college chooses its own undergraduate gown.  The "standard" undergraduate gown is like a BA gown, but shorter. Colleges may then prescribe various alterations and embellishments to differentiate their own undergraduates' gowns.

For example, the undergraduate gown at mature/graduate colleges is the standard gown with a blue cord and button hitching up the sleeves; and the undergraduate gowns for colleges that were founded as women-only institutions do not have the arm slit (the better to preserve their undergraduates' modesty).

Undergraduate gowns usually come in one size only, and are meant to reach to the knees.  Descriptions of each college's undergraduate gown are given in the CUH&GS Gown Guide.


Summary flowchart

                   Gown style flow chart

Size chart

The size of gown you require depends on the style of gown: BA-style gowns are intended to reach just below the knees, whereas MA-style gowns are intended to reach the mid-calf.

To calculate your gown size, take your height in inches and either subtract 18'' for BA-style gowns, or subtract 16'' for MA-style gowns.

In practice, there's no need to be anywhere near so precise – an inch or two in either direction makes no difference. Cambridge SU normally stocks gowns in intervals of 3'', so we will be able to supply a gown that's no more than 1'' away from any required size.