Gown guide

The style of gown you require is determined by your age and level of study. To find out which type and size of gown you need, please consult our gown guide. To buy a gown, visit the SU building during opening hours. Please note that we are unable to reserve gowns in advance so to secure your order in advance, we recommend using our click and collect service. 


                        Photo of four people walking, wearing Cambridge ceremonial gowns


Buying a gown

We sell new BA/BA status and MA/MA status gowns for postgraduate students. These sustainable gowns are made using recycled plastic within a carbon-neutral production line and we're proud to offer this unique product to Cambridge students. All of our new gowns are available for click and collect purchase online for £55. Our friendly team will be able to fit you with the correct size gown. Visit the Gown shop here.


Hiring and returning a gown

Please note, gown hire services are no longer available.
For gowns that have already been hired the deadline for return was the 29th July 2022.
Please note, your deposit has been retained if your rental gown has been damaged or has not been returned by the agreed date.

All questions relating to gown hire should be directed to reception@cambridgesu.co.uk