MA Gown - Size 45"

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Made from recycled materials and in line with university standards, our MA gowns are made of black "stuff". Like the BA gown, it has strings.

The primary difference between the MA and BA gown is in the sleeves: the MA gown has long sleeves which reach far past the length of the arm and are sealed at the end. This is majestic, but impractical: there are therefore slits in the sleeves through which you stick your arms get the use of your hands back. The ends of the sleeves have a semi-circle of cloth cut away to form a hook-shape, and are an excellent place to keep your sandwiches.

The MA gown is longer than the BA gown, reaching to the mid-calf.


Unsure what size you need? To calculate your gown size, take your height in inches and subtract 16'' for MA-style gowns. Alternatively you check out our gown guide and size chart.