Report on under-resourcing of DRC

Disabled Students' Campaign,  2019-2020


The under-resourcing of the Disability Resource Centre is not an issue affecting only a minority of students, nor is it due to incompetency within the delivery of these vital services. The question is one of resources, and I fear we are at breaking point. The number of disabled students at the University is increasing each year, whereas the resourcing of core services for these students has remained relatively stagnant. There needs to be significant reform of the ways in which disabled students are supported if we are to come close to meeting our legal duty under the Equality Act 2010, and a genuine commitment to increasing resourcing for these services from across the collegiate University.


This problem has been building for a number of years, but we have reached a critical point at which it is vital we take immediate and substantial action. We simply cannot afford to ignore this any longer.



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