The University of Cambridge is the wealthiest university in Europe, but Cambridge was found to be the UK’s most Unequal City. Students must pay extortionate rents, College bills and other hidden costs, while maintenance loans and University and College bursaries have been largely stagnant. Disparity across the collegiate University means that students’ experiences of both applying for and receiving necessary funding differ vastly.


Tackling the current Cost of Living Crisis is on the top of our agenda this year. We’re aware of the impact this will have on costs such as rent and energy bills and will be working with the University to increase the funding they provide to students during this difficult period.


We understand that for many students, finding the money for necessary things like food, rent and social activities will be increasingly difficult. Please reach out to your College Tutor if you are experiencing financial difficulties, or the Student Advice Service for independent advice on where to access financial support. 



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