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Through publications, events, and workshops, Vertex is a hub for creative intersectional media, for work that embraces both the expressive power of art and writing and the expansive power of STEM.

Vertex is a niche for those who don’t fit easily into a box. For interdisciplinary thinkers who can blend expression and reason, soul and logic in a beautifully innovative way. We reject the notion that one should specialize in and stick to one discipline. Some things are artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, other things expand the possibilities for design in a way that art is incapable of doing. Those who stand at intersections are able to apply entirely new frameworks of thought to problems, their divergence in thinking serving as an unlimited pool of creativity. Vertex aims to facilitate these creators, acting as a hub for collaborative thought, a space to learn from each other and to showcase work that harnesses the expressive power of art and writing with the expansive power of science and computing.