A Group of Students at Trinity college who are raising awareness about anti-microbial resistance (AMR) with the support of Professor Dame Sally Davies. https://linktr.ee/trinityamractiongroup


A leader in providing a platform for transdisciplinary discussions to students who wish to mitigate and learn more about the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance. 


Inspire students in a welcoming environment to facilitate learning, teaching and discussion regarding the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance and initiate positive long-term impact. 

About Us

The Trinity AMR Action Group is a student-led society based in Trinity College, the formation of which was originally spearheaded by Dame Sally Davies (the UK envoy for AMR at the UN & Master of Trinity College) with the aim of raising awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). We do this by organising an annual conference, seminars, research, socials and many more.

We hold numerous events every year, with our most busy period during World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW) that takes place 18th-24th November of each year. During this week we hold numerous events including our annual conference where speakers and guests from a diverse range of disciplines with interests in AMR such as research, industry and public health policy are featured. We have also made numerous educational materials regarding the challenges and dangers AMR poses to people such as our AMR Student Guide. 

We continue to strive and grow to nurture a friendly and welcoming environment for all students who wish to learn more about AMR and what can be done to mitigate its effects.