A mixed gender Cotswold Morris side, practising and dancing around Cambridge.

Granta Blue Morris is a mixed gender Cotswold side. We dance a mixture of dances, some traditional and some of our own design.

If you want to dance with an excited bounce in your step, floating hankies and the clashing of long wooden sticks then come and join us.

We were formed in 2010 by a small group of friends wanting to have a young and energetic Cotswold Morris side where they could all dance together. Although the founding members are no longer students the side still keeps dancing enthusiastically and energetically, and welcome students who are keen to dance and play.

As well as summer's evenings spent dancing at pubs, we have also displayed at prestigious events such as Ely Folk Festival, St.Neots Folk Festival, St.Albans Day of Dance and in pre show display for the Demon Barbers Lock In.

We are always looking for new dancers and musicians please visit our website for more information.Dancing at Ely Folk Festival

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