CURUFCW, the women's rugby team, is one of Cambridge's fastest growing and most successful sports teams, filled with experience, talent, and open arms for all who want to play - even total beginners!

CURUFCW is one of Cambridge’s fastest growing and most successful sports teams. We are a strong and welcoming team, brimming with experience, talent, and open arms for all those interested in playing rugby - whether you are expereinced or a total beginner! We have three training teams, two of whom compete in a BUCS league. We train 2-4 times per week, and all players receive high standard strength and conditioning training, as well as medical support. At CURUFCW every player is given the chance to learn and develop, as well as the opportunity to beat Oxford at Twickenham. 

If you have some experience playing rugby, and would like to know about our training, please drop an email to our lovely team captain Elisha at ec582@cam.ac.uk. If you are interested in playing rugby for the first time and would like to get involved in development, email our development officer Dorothy at drb67@cam.ac.uk .

Taster sessions are on Sunday 11th and 18th October, 12pm - 2pm at CURUFC, Grange Road. We look forward to meeting you!

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