CamTeX teaches LaTeX and enables collaboration among users. We run two cohorts a term (90-min weekly workshops x 3 weeks). Online teaching + exercises + practical experience w/ live feedback.

TeX is a typesetting language developed by Donald Knuth in 1978. Often used with macro packages such as LaTeX, it is principally used in academia to produce high quality, portable scientific documents. Despite this, most TeX users in Cambridge are self-taught, and Microsoft Word and other word processors remain the predominant document preparation tool in many undergraduate contexts.

CamTeX is a society dedicated to raising awareness of TeX in the Cambridge student community, lowering the entry barrier to TeX fluency and its regular usage, and enhancing the productivity of Cambridge TeX users. CamTeX aims to enable student access to TeX editing tools and educational resources, create platforms for collaboration and assistance between TeX users, and offer weekly LaTeX training sessions with the goal of delivering LaTeX fluency by the end of three weeks.


Our links

Our beginner LaTeX workshop series: http://camtex.soc.srcf.net/program.html 

Our mailing list: https://lists.cam.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/soc-camtex

Term card: http://camtex.soc.srcf.net/term-card

Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/RHkshfb


Contact details

Membership Queries: Vice President - Parth Shimpi pas201@cam.ac.uk  

Sponsorship Queries: Treasurer - Tan Ling Yan lyt25@cam.ac.uk  

Outreach / Collaboration Queries: Vikram Suresh vs501@cam.ac.uk 

Program Queries: Secretary - Vikram Suresh vs501@cam.ac.uk 

Social Media Queries: Publicity Officer - Parth Shimpi pas201@cam.ac.uk 

Website Queries: Webmaster - Cody Kwok mlck3@cam.ac.uk

Other Queries: President - Callum Beeston cjb273@cam.ac.uk

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