The Cambridge Development Initiative is changing the way student volunteering is done. We believe that impact starts with local change-makers, and students can be the catalyst for that change.

The Cambridge Development Initiative was founded in 2013 by two students from the University of Cambridge who believed that sustainable impact begins with local changemakers, and that students could be the catalyst for this change.  Since then, CDI has mobilised over 300 student volunteers to launch sustainable, community-oriented initiatives to tackle Dar es Salaam’s most significant challenges.

In collaboration with KITE DSM, our partner organization based in Tanzania, CDI’s executive committee and volunteers design, implement, and evaluate development projects in the areas of health, education, entrepreneurship and WaSH (water sanitation and hygiene). Throughout the year, the UK and Tanzanian teams work collaboratively; planning project strategy, raising funds and increasing awareness.

In the past, both organisations came together in Dar es Salaam to implement projects, engage stakeholders and evaluate our impact. Due to the on-going pandemic, CDI will be operating with the assumption that travel to Tanzania will not be possible for the next 12 months. However we will continue to support KITE DSM and our other partners in a remote capacity in the implementation of collaborative projects. ?We empower student leaders in the UK and Tanzania to kick-start positive change in local communities through these innovative projects in healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and WaSH (water, sanitation, and hygiene).