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A Buddhist meditation group offering meditation classes to anyone interested in investigating more about mindfulness and concentration.


Samatha means calm, peacefulness, tranquillity, and the practice of Samatha meditation helps to settle the mind's usual turbulence and allow it to move towards stillness. The Samatha Trust has been offering meditation classes at Cambridge University since 1963. We are a Buddhist group, teaching meditation with roots in Thai Buddhism and going back to ancient India, but what we offer is open to anyone, whether interested in Buddhism or not. These classes are secular, and offer practical meditation skills and ways of understanding and learning to control the mind. 

Group events

8 weeks introductory course

A 8-week introductory group practicing meditation followed by discussions. Suited for everyone interested in meditation, mindfulness and learning more about the mind in good company. We meet every Thursday between 6-7 pm. We sit and practice meditation for 20-25 minutes followed by around 35-40 minutes of discussion

Samatha is about developing calm during the meditation practice, about cultivating this space of non-reactive awareness. Sharing this experience with a group is at the cornerstone of the Samatha practice as well. These moments of interpreting concepts and translating it to our daily lives, bringing our own meaning to it. Naturally, a sense of camaraderie unfolds in the group, a sense of sharing adventures and suffering. Kalyana-mittata is a magical word in pali meaning admirable friendship. This is, by the end of the day, my main drive as well: the certainty that the ups and downs of life are more bearable with friends and laughs. I expect the discussion to be an interesting way of developing respect for each other, for understanding how many different interpretations there are out there.” - Lívia

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