Student-Led Teaching Awards - Nominations open!

Nominations are now open for our Student-Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs)! After seven years of CUSU’s SLTAs, we’re immensely excited to be running our first SLTAs as Cambridge SU. They’re one of the few opportunities that students get to formally recognise the effort and skill put in by those who work at the University.

Fundamentally, the University is its staff and students - whether it’s teachers and academic staff; those who provide pastoral support such as tutors, chaplains, and nurses; or the many other non-academic staff such as porters or cleaners who contribute to all our lives here. Staff and students have always supported each other, however small or large in scale, in the thousands of interactions we have every day that enrich and empower us as students. This mutual support has been especially important this year, when all of us have been forced to operate within the drastically changed circumstances of the pandemic.

These awards are an opportunity for students to thank staff for their support - and to send a clear message about what it is that we care about to the University, so we can encourage them to support it too. 


Making a nomination

We’ll be accepting nominations from any student from 3rd December 2020 until 5th February 2021. We’ll be spending our time until then talking to people from every part of the University to make sure that they all know about the SLTAs, and that we recognise great work wherever it happens. You can nominate any member of staff you think deserves recognition, and you can also make multiple nominations for different people if you’d like!

This year, we’re asking you to submit each nomination in one of nine categories. These are:

  • Innovative Teaching

  • Inclusive Practice

  • Lecturer

  • Small-Group Teaching (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

  • Small-Group Teaching (Science & Technology)

  • Postgraduate Research Supervisor

  • Student Support by a Member of Academic Staff

  • Student Support by a Member of Non-Academic Staff

  • Working in Partnership with Students

If you’re not sure which one to choose, or want to make a nomination that you think falls outside them, don’t worry! During the shortlisting process, we’ll make sure each nomination is judged in the category where it has the greatest chance to shine. If we agree that someone is exceptional then we’ll juggle them around to make it work. You can read more about the categories and the awards process on our website.


Why nominate?

The Student-Led Teaching Awards is one the best parts of our job, and we want as many students and staff to be involved as possible. At Cambridge SU we spend a lot of time focusing on problems, intervening when things aren’t going so well for students or your education. And in this exceptional year - when the pandemic has forced students and staff together to undergo radical transformations in how we work, study, and live - we’ve all been dealing with new difficulties and challenges we never imagined we’d have to face.

In the midst of this, however, a strong University community premised on mutual support and solidarity among students and staff has been more important than ever. In these particularly adverse structural conditions, the care, dedication, and ingenuity shown by so many staff members has had an untold impact on students’ experiences. The SLTAs are a great - and from experience, very much appreciated - opportunity to recognise that.


Nominate someone today!