Michaelmas Elections Results 2020

See results from our Michaelmas Elections!

The results are in!

See the winners of our 2020 Michaelmas elections below. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Full breakdowns of the voting are available on the Democracy Committee page.

NUS Delegates

NUS Delegate Elia Chitwa
  Grayson Allen
  Alicia Smith
  Chloe Newbold
  Esme Cavendish
  Yuri Hirayama

Re-Open Nominations was the seventh candidate elected, so a by-election will be held for a single place.


Ethical Affairs Campaign - Postgraduate Chair Anjum Nahar
Ethical Affairs Campaign - Demilitarise Campaigns Officer Lizzie White
Ethical Affairs Campaign - Living Wage Campaigns Officer George Skeen
Ethical Affairs Campaign - Open Portfolio Officer Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Ethical Affairs Campaign - Open Portfolio Officer Grace Blackshaw
LGBT+ Campaign - President (PG) Liam MacCallum-Webb
LGBT+ Campaign - President (UG) Elia Chitwa
LGBT+ Campaign - Bi and Pan Rep Billie Rae
LGBT+ Campaign - BME Rep Ajay Gill
LGBT+ Campaign - Disablities Rep Alfie Vaughan
LGBT+ Campaign - Class Act Rep Natalie Abbott
LGBT+ Campaign - Finance Officer Jude Jones


Academic Reps

Council of the School of Arts and Humanities: UG - Rep Ziqi Yan
Council of the School of Biological Sciences: UG - Rep Aine McColgan
Council of the School of Biological Sciences: PG - Rep Gregory Serapio-García
Council of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences: UG - Rep Abiola Ogbara
Council of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences: PG - Rep Aditya Manubarwala
Council of the School of Physical Sciences: UG - Rep Artem Khovanov
Council of the School of Physical Sciences: PG - Rep Vivien Lechner
Council of the School of Technology: PG - Rep Connor Qiu
Archaeology (UG) - Rep Charli Hendy
Architecture (PG) - Rep Filomena Calligaris Russo
Biology (PG) - Rep James Stacey
Business and Management (PG) - MBA - Rep Armelle Kim
Business and Management (PG) - MFin - Rep Alexander Neumueller
Business and Management (PG) - MSt - Rep Espinha-Deloire, Nathanael
Chemistry (PG) - Rep Vivien Lechner
Classics (PG) - Rep Jessica Lawrence
Classics (UG) - Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Classics (UG) - Rep Marina McCready
Computer Science (PG) - Part III and MPhil - Rep Alodie Boissonnet
Computer Science (UG) - Part I/II - Rep Cameron Round
Earth Sciences and Geography (PG) - Rep Viviana Pupeza
Economics (PG) - Diploma/MPhil - Rep Max Mirtschink
Economics (UG) - Part I - Rep Chuyu Dai
Education (UG) - Rep Joseph Edwards
Engineering (PG) - Research - Rep Gabrielle Gilbertson
Engineering (UG) - Rep Rishita Banerjee
Engineering (UG) - Rep Miruna Rapeanu
English (PG) - MPhil - Rep Ana Fernandez
English (PG) - PHD - Rep Ally Louks
English (UG) - Rep Ziqi Yan
English (UG) - Rep Zachary Aw Zheng Quan
Geography (UG) - Rep Olivia Byrne
History (PG) - Rep Yue Zhen Li
History (PG) - Rep Laura Burgazzi
History (UG) - Rep Lily Zhang
History (UG) - Rep Jude Jones
History (UG) - Rep Toby Noskwith
History of Art (UG) - Rep Chater Paul Jordan
HSPS (PG) - Rep Amelia Jabry
Land Economy (PG) - Rep David Gayle
Land Economy (UG) - Rep Anara Abdyrakhmanova
Law (PG) - LLM - Rep Aditya Manubarwala
Law (PG) - MCL - Rep Aditi Gupta
Law (PG) - PHD - Rep Fabian Eichberger
Law (UG) - Part IA or IB - Rep Elizabeth Kate Weber
Law (UG) - Part II - Rep Craig Chua
Linguistics (UG) - Rep Ed Howard-Jones
Mathematics (UG) - Rep Iman Simo
Mathematics (UG) - Rep Adam Kelly
Medicine (PG) - Brain and mind health - Rep Lennart R B Spindler
Medicine (PG) - Cancer biology - Rep Matilde Duarte
Medicine (PG) - Population Medicine and biostatistics - Rep Megha Majumder
Medicine (PG) - Taught Masters - Rep Grayson Allen
Medicine (PG) - Taught Masters - Rep Chimdi Ogbuneke
Medicine (UG) - Clinical Year 4 - Rep Elwin Marshall
Medicine (UG) - Clinical Year 5 - Rep Alex Russell
Medicine (UG) - Clinical Year 6 - Rep Rahul Herlekar
Medicine (UG) - Graduate Course - Rep Angelica Lindsey-Clark
Medicine (UG) - Pre-clinical - Rep Boyan Wang
Modern Languages (UG) - Rep Alfie Vaughan
Music (PG) - Masters - Rep Bosbapan Panh
Music (UG) - Rep Edoardo Chidichimo
Music (UG) - Rep Lily Blundell
NST Biological - Rep Catherine Ngai
NST Physical - Rep Hayden-Raymond Ramm
Philosophy (UG) - Rep Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.)
Philosophy (UG) - Rep Patrick Huei-Nuo Pan
Psychology (UG) - Rep Katy Ratcliffe

Positions not listed above had no candidates. By-elections will be held later this term.

If you believe you have found an error in these results please contact elections@cambridgesu.co.uk at the earliest opportunity.