Hear from and quiz the candidates to represent you! The Lent Elections will decide who will lead your students' union for the next year, and this is your chance to find out more about the candidates and find out what they plan to do about the issues that matter to you.

You can find out more about the elections at https://www.cambridgesu.co.uk/yourvoice/elections/

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Submit a Question (open until noon on Friday 26th)

Role Start Time
Double Time Officer 17:30
BME Officer 17:45
Women's Officer 18:00
Disabled Students' Officer 18:15
BREAK 18:35
Access, Education & Participation Officer (PG) 18:50
Access, Education & Participation Officer (UG) 19:05
University Councillor 19:30
BREAK 19:50
Welfare & Community Officer 20:05
President (PG) 20:30
President (UG) 20:55


Accessibility: This event will be held via Zoom webinars with automatic closed captions enabled. There will be hustings for all of the roles up for election spaced over the evening with breaks. Please contact elections@cambridgesu.co.uk with any additional access needs