All students are welcome to come to Student Council to propose and debate motions whilst holding their elected representatives to account. Each college, school and SU Campaign has voting members who represent their constituencies. 

Council usually takes place every other Monday in term time, at 6.30pm.


The Student Council is made up of elected representatives from across the University. These are:

  • The eight Cambridge SU Sabbatical Officers
  • The SU representatives for Double Time Students, Mature Students, Part-Time Students, and Student Families
  • 2 representatives of each SU Campaign (or 1 where the Campaign has a sabbatical representative); 1 Undergraduate and 1 Postgraduate
  • 2 representatives per College of the University; 1 for each J/MCR except where there is only one common room in a college
  • 2 Academic Representatives per School of the University; 1 Undergraduate and 1 Postgraduate

Proposing Motions

Motions passed at Student Council direct the work of the SU. You just need a proposer and a seconder to send a motion to Student Council for discussion, and any student can do it. If you’d like to know more about the format of Council motions, or have other questions about submitting one, email chair@cambridgesu.co.uk. You can also view an example motion for guidance.

Debates and Amendments

After a motion is introduced by its proposer, there is an opportunity for questions about it and debate. Amendments to motions can be submitted in advance of the meeting. More detail about this is available in the by-laws Chapter 1.

Substantial amendments must be submitted to chair@cambridgesu.co.uk by noon on the day of the Council meeting, except in the case of amendments to emergency motions which may be submitted up until the start of the meeting.

Access Statement

There is step-free and wheelchair access via the lift. There is a variety of padded seating, an accessible toilet, and a gender-neutral toilet on the third floor accessible via the lift. There isn't a hearing loop, a BSL interpreter, general car parking, or blue badge parking.