The Cambridge chapter of One for the World, a global student movement educating people about effective giving and motivating them to pledge at least 1% of their income towards ending extreme poverty.

One for the World Cambridge is a charitable organization aiming to revolutionize charitable giving to end extreme poverty. Our partnership with GiveWell ensures that donations go to the most cost effective charities around the world. GiveWell are a charity evaluator that work with independent experts to identify the most impactful charities across the world. Their evaluation process finds charities that are the most effective at addressing critical human need, ensuring that every donation has the greatest possible impact.

Here are three easy ways to get involved with One for the World in Cambridge:

  1. Like us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more and stay up to date with our events (and sign up as a member of our society using the link above)!
  2. Come along to one of our fantastic free events that we hold throughout the term!
  3. Sign up to become a One for the World ambassador to become a part of our community and help us spread the word about much good your 1% can do!

At OFTW Cambridge, we host speaker events on a range of topics related to effective giving, organise social events for our community and encouarge students to take the 1% pledge! If you're interested in finding out more about One for the World, you can check out our website or contact us on Facebook and Instagram 

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