CICCU is a society for anyone interested in hearing about Jesus and the Christian faith, whether they're exploring these ideas for the first time, or a committed Christian. Everyone is so welcome!

‘CICCU’ stands for ‘Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union’. We’re a group of students from across the Cambridge colleges who believe the good news about Jesus found in the Bible is too good not to share. CICCU is here to facilitate this, partly by putting on talks and events about Christianity, and exploring big questions about life, faith and meaning. These events are open to all, whatever your background or belief. CICCU is also a community where Christians encourage one another to live our whole lives as a witness to what Jesus did for us, so that many others can come to know his love too.  We meet weekly as a whole society and also weekly in college groups. CICCU is not a church and is not affiliated to any church, but we encourage all members to make regular involvement with a local church their priority. 

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