The University of Cambridge Allotment Society was created as an informal space to bring together all those who are involved with their college allotments or gardens and create a community.

We exchange knowledge, ideas, and seeds, while partnering with local charities, donating surplus produce to community kitchens and food banks. We also host events such as allotment tours, skills fairs, and a harvest festival including a dinner made from our produce! The society is open to everyone, with absolutely no time commitment or knowledge required. If your college does not have an allotment but you wish to start one then we can also provide resources and tips on how to go about doing this. To get involved, join our facebook group, slack channel, follow us on instagram, or email us at cam.uni.allotment@gmail.com to ask any questions!


We aim to promote university-wide physical and mental wellbeing, to combat loneliness and increase mindfulness for students, staff, alumni and fellows. We also promote sustainability, by reducing food waste and eating healthy, fresh, local, seasonal produce: aiming to tackle the climate crisis on a local level. We make donations to local food banks, community kitchens and charities to tackle food poverty, and promote a sense of community; bridging the ‘town and gown’ divide. We want to increase knowledge of where food comes from, provide horticultural demonstrations, and exchange recipes through a community of like-minded individuals. We also hope to encourage those colleges who do not currently have an allotment to start one!


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