A platform for students to engage in interdisciplinary discourse between medicine and the humanities, arts and social sciences. All students welcome, regardless of subject!

We are a group of medical students who believe that to be good doctors, we cannot depend solely on the scientific knowledge imparted by a medical degree. Empathy, communication, kindness and moral judgement are necessary for any doctor and an appreciation of the humanities, arts and social sciences allows the development of such attributes. Through our talks, discussion groups and posts, we hope to dispel the dichotomy between the sciences and humanities. Our events serve as platforms for interdisciplinary discourse, where we can explore questions such as:

What is the connection between art and health?

What can the humanities teach us about the human experience?

How do the arts and sciences interact in medicine?

All students, regardless of subject, are welcome to join us as we endeavour to become more well-rounded and self-realised doctors and individuals of the future.