CUMSA aims to bring together members of the Malaysian and Singaporean communities.

This is the official Cambridge SU page for the CUMSA. 

CUMSA was formed in 1948 and continues to bring together members of the Malaysian and Singaporean communities, albeit on a slightly larger scale. From 12 students at our founding, the organisation has grown to over 400. With this, we have adapted, and our service to the Malaysian and Singaporean community is now multi-faceted.

We hold a number of events throughout the year with the intention of creating a social environment with a familiar South-east Asian air. Amongst others, there is the annual CUMSA Dinner & Dance, Garden Party, Singapore Festival and Oxbridge Games (a sports competition involving the Oxford University Malaysian and Singaporean Students' Association).

We also aim to serve the community as a platform for discussion, with access to – and the opportunity to share – informed opinions. Studying overseas so often changes perspectives regarding our place in the world and it is only prudent that we provide support for this through speakers’ events and forums for discussion.

We not only aid incoming students in adjusting to their new environment, but also ensure there is a community to which one can turn throughout their time here – never always needed, but always there.

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