A vibrant and thriving society providing the chance to meet new people and learn about the rich heritage and culture of Hinduism

PLEASE NOTE: For Freshers' Fair our Zoom link will be active from 10-12pm and 3-4pm if you have any questions or would like the meet the committee!

Namaste! We are Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society, one of the largest faith societies at Cambridge University.  Established in 1992, we provide a community for all students to practice Hinduism and learn more about our religion.

As a society we have three key aims:

  1. Educate our members on Hindu Sanskriti and Dharma, promoting our faith and its teachings and allowing our members to explore their Hindu identities, through our learning events and speaker series
  2. Have a positive impact on our local community, practising Sewa and engaging with and helping charitable causes as well as providing accessibility for our members to engage in social service
  3. Create a nurturing and strong community through our social and flagship events, to celebrate the culture of Hinduism and support our members at university

We have a number of flagship events throughout the year, including:

  1. Mastana, the largest cultural charity show in East Anglia, which celebrates Hindu culture
  2. Holi, a colourful festival of paint and community, celebrating the triumph of good over evil
  3. Garden Party, a chance for our members to enjoy amazing food, a host of activities and the company of our community after a stressful term of exams
  4. Garba, open to veteran Navratri-goers and newcomers alike for a energising night of dance and music
  5. Diwali, a celebration of the festival of ights and the New Year after Navratri with dance, food, music and festivities

We also have a number of social events throughout the year to foster a sense of community and companionship, as well as a multitude of talks, classes and SEWA initiatives to further celebrate and educate about our religion.

For more information, take a look at our website as well as our Facebook page to keep up to date with our latest posts and events!