Featuring talks delivered by leaders within and beyond the field of biology, and connecting scientists via social and professional events.

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BioSoc has always strived to invite speakers who are leading members in their field to offer talks which are open to the public and enable our audience to learn about scientific breakthroughs first-hand. Many of our speakers are researchers in one of the biological sciences or across the natural sciences, from the UK and abroad, but we also host representatives from biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries and leaders in science communication. Additionally, we organise social events such as Fresher’s Week Pub Quiz, Members’ Formal Hall, formal swaps with other student societies, and End-of-Year Garden Party to encourage bonding among those who are passionate about the sciences and lay foundations for future collaborations between scientists. Our events such as PhD Information Evening, and career and internship event are open to the public for free. 

Check out the numerous recordings of our online talks and the Varsity Sci Symposium on our YouTube channel youtube.com/c/OxbridgeBioSoc (the channel is shared with Oxford University BioSoc, thus recordings of their online talks will also be available on the channel soon)! Subscribe to receive the latest updates!