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Hi! We're the ADHD society, a community for anyone who even suspects they might not be completely neurotypical, but with a focus on ADHD specifically.

Need a study group? Need advice on how to deal with ADHD? Just need a place to vent about all the shenanigans that come with the condition? Come along and join our weekly meetings on Sunday evenings in the MEdwards JCR (for now) and join our Discord and WhatsApp groupchat!

Pizza and Powerpoints
1st December
Murray Edwards JCR, Huntingdon Road, CB3 0DF
I hope you're ready for some info-dumping, because at Pizza and Powerpoints you will get to listen to (and potentially share) short presentations on any topic that has gripped you recently- don't worry, there's pizza at the end as a treat :)
Social | Drop-in
Welfare Check-In
14th January
This will be an online meeting where you can talk to the other members of the society and see how we are all doing as we enter into Lent term :)

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