Your one stop for all things mahjong related at Cambridge University. Bringing hearts, hands and tiles closer together, one game at a time!

Ever chanced upon a mahjong game and wondered to yourself: how exactly do you play this peculiar looking game?

If you’ve had that thought after that iconic scene in Crazy Rich Asians or when Andy Lau flicked off that rice grain in Fat Choi Spirit or even in college when you heard the unmistakable washing of tiles... CJLC is the place for you!

From lessons, socials, competitions to movie screenings, CJLC is your one-stop for all things related to mahjong. CJLC was started to inform, teach and educate all members of the university on the historical, cultural and strategic value of mahjong. This society is open to all, regardless of cultural background or mahjong proficiency. So we’d encourage everyone to join us for any of the events to see if they have what it takes to be the next mahjong champion!

Do check us out on Instagram and Facebook for photos, upcoming events and information. Membership into CJLC is free and fun is 888% guaranteed!