A lot of northern people feel out of place in Cam, which is something we're on a mission to change. We've created our own slice of North in Cambridge, so come and join the northern fam!

We have formed a welcoming and supportive environment, which is open to all (we're always happy to help to spread knowledge of northern culture too!). There are also hopes to do outreach to schools within Northern areas that are usually low application areas, which is very exciting, and plenty of socials in the works so you can meet people not too far from home.

It's really all about celebrating our culture and creating a diverse and inclusive space for northern people to feel a bit more at home in what can sometimes seem an isolating place! We have a new page on FB which is accessible alongside a smaller Facebook group. So come and join us fellow notherners or northern wannabes; after all, everyone's northern if you draw the line right!