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You can join us for free at: https://cibsoc.co.uk/join (our website is also linked below)

The Cambridge Investment Banking Society (CIBS) gives Cambridge students opportunities to learn more about careers in the industry, build long-lasting networks, and ultimately secure highly competitive roles on insight, internship, and graduate programmes at investment banks.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our ethos — we believe that linking students across diverse backgrounds and subjects is the strongest way of ensuring that students are able to continually add to their networks, strengthen their skill sets, and develop the financial knowledge necessary to break into industry. Additionally, by focusing on investment banking, CIBS is able to provide application advice, events, and workshops with a high level of industry specificity.

Membership is free and open to everyone from all backgrounds and disciplines at the University of Cambridge. We hope that through our events you feel connected with other students across Cambridge who share your interest in careers at investment banks. We are incredibly excited to build a close-knit community, so please make sure to sign up to our society and like our Facebook page for more information!