We Are Donors is a UK registered charity aiming to increase the number of organ and blood donors across the UK through student led education at schools and universities.

We are part of We Are Donors, a non-profit organisation which aims to increase awareness of organ donation and to help young people make an informed decision about organ donation.

To do this we have set up an outreach programme and we are recruiting university students to give talks and run workshops at schools.

We are now recruiting committee members to lead our local We Are Donors group.

It will give you experience in leadership, teamwork, public speaking and education, and it will look great on your CV, and more importantly we will be recruiting organ donors which could save a life in the future.

There are over six thousand people on the UK organ transplant waiting list, and every day roughly two people die due to lack of available organs. One donor can help up to eight people by donating their organs, and many more through tissue donation. 90% of people say they are in favour of organ donation, but only 35% have joined the register. Therefore, there is a clear need for an increase in both organ donation, and access to organ donation sign up forms.