Tiddlywinks is a sport combining skill, concentration, tactical awareness, nerve and most importantly, a sense of fun!

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Most members of our society were unfamiliar with the game when they first joined, however we have world and national champions on hand to talk you through the basics before moving to the more technical aspects of the game. Those who find they enjoy the competitive side of the game may go on to compete in national tournaments (many hosted in Cambridge) to earn themselves a world ranking, and may even be selected to play in the Varsity match against Oxford earning themselves a coveted quarter-blue. Meanwhile for those who prefer the more social side of the society, we go on regular pub crawls (carefully mapped out to visit every single pub in Cambridge throughout the academic year) and we often end our weekly meetings with a trip to the bar where we play fun drinking games (though alcohol consumption is, of course, entirely optional). Other social events such as a club dinner and punting trips are also held throughout the academic year.