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International Students' Campaign


About the International Student's Campaign

The International Students' Campaign (ISC, formerly iCUSU) represents, campaigns for and runs events for international students. It is also the umbrella body for all international societies and students in Cambridge University. We aim to serve as a hub for all things international happening in Cambridge, whilst looking out for the needs of international students.

Any student of the University of Cambridge who identifies as an international student is automatically a member of ISC. Members are entitled to partake in member-only events, elections, forums, open forums, and can stand for election to ISC’s executive committee.

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What we're working on

We organise many social events to bring together the international community in Cambridge. During the COVID pandemic we have also focused on advocating for the specific issues faced by international students, and trying to ensure our experiences are taken into account by the University and Colleges.

  • Promote the student experience of studying internationally at university
  • Campaign to protect the welfare of all international students
  • Organize a plethora of events for international students
  • Collaborate with SU and other SU campaigns
  • Celebrate and uphold the diversity, inclusivity, and unity of cultures and nationalities at Cambridge