Link: meet.google .com/ npa-efeb-ozp (remove spaces to access link)

Join us for our end of term social! We welcome all disabled* students at Uni of Cam, whether you've been involved in DSC before or not - undergrads and postgrads are both invited! We will chat about how Michaelmas was for us, what the university is doing now and what we want to see change. Our sabbatical officer Rensa will be there as well in case there are any ideas she can bring to the Students' Union.

*See our Does It Count? information!

This event will be on Google Meet, and you can join with your Cam uni account, or a different one if you would like to change the name that is displayed. Meet has auto captions. You can join, take a break and leave at any time, and you do not have to have your camera or mic on if you don't want to. Contact disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk with any access questions or requests!