Link (remove spaces to access): meet.google. com/ qjr-yvdw-qxz

Join our DSC Campaigns Officers (Alfie, Chay and Mhairi) to find out more about their manifesto aims, the work they’re doing to meet these aims, and have your say on what issues you feel we should be campaigning on. 

We meet over Google Meet, which all students have access to via their CRSID, and which offers automatic captions. You are welcome to contribute via the chat function if you would prefer, to have mic and camera on or off as you prefer and to take breaks, arrive or leave whenever suits you. We will also be taking live minutes, which you can follow and make comments on, and will schedule an access break half-way through the meeting. More procedural details will be explained at the meeting. If you have any questions or access concerns, please feel free to get in touch with Alfie (any pronouns) via email (argv2@cam.ac.uk).