Come along to the Disabled Students' Campaign* Forum! Bring up the topics that matter to you, hear about what the committee have been up to and decide what the DSC should work on this term. Importantly, to join the meeting, you'll need to join our channel on Microsoft Teams beforehand:


We will start the meeting at the start time in the channel, and you are free to attend either there or via the agenda and live minutes which will be posted in the channel too.

In the Teams meeting you don't have to have your camera or microphone on, you can come and go as you like and there will be scheduled breaks. Teams has automated captions in the app.

To attend as a guest (to use a non-CamSIS name), go into the agenda and click on the meeting link which will be pasted there once the meeting has started. Guests may not be able to access live captions or the chat function. Alternatively, you can attend on Teams and let us know your preferred name in the chat, which we will use for you. We will facilitate the meeting via the chat and the live minutes so everyone can contribute.

*Disabled is a political term encompassing all manner of health conditions and symptoms, including mental health conditions. All Disabled students at Cam Uni welcome, whether undergrad, postgrad, intermitting or not. More info about what counts here: