Cambridge SU Disabled Students' Campaign are running training on accessibility and support, and you're invited!

Live sessions (UK time):
February 11th 7-9pm
March 19th 6:30-8:30pm

Register for one of our training sessions here to get the meeting link: https://forms.gle/FTU1BxjtSPNka3nV6

Whether you're a student officer working on disability, mental health, welfare or events, or are just an interested student, you are welcome to take part in our training. We'll be learning about different support for mental health and disability within the university, how to build a sense of community for disabled students and how to make events accessible!

The training is available in different formats, both live and permanently on our website to go through at your own pace (you only need to attend a session or go through the training once):


- Google Slides presentation
- Screen-readable PDF of presentation
- Plain text document
- Audio file (normal and fast speed)

To complete the training (either live or via website resources), there is an online quiz via Google Forms, and you can choose whether and how you would like to be listed on the DSC training page as having completed the training for 2020-21. The quiz is open book and without time limits!

If you cannot make any of the existing times but would like to attend a virtual training session, please contact our sabbatical officer to organise a new session (Rensa SU, disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk). Whole committees welcome - not just the 1 person officially in charge of welfare or events!