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Allison O'Malley Graham

We can’t just return to the status quo: we need to fix it.

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About me: 

I’m a third year HSPS student at Murray Edwards, where as JCR President I pushed for an increase in bursaries, better engagement with LGBT+ and BME students, and fairer rent. As Chair of the Women’s Campaign, I’ve worked on campaigns focusing on period poverty, disciplinary procedure reform, and care-based approaches to students in the pandemic. 

My approach: 

I’ll fight for a university where welfare and education aren’t put in opposition. The pandemic highlighted inequality in Cambridge, and left marginalized students more vulnerable, while the collegiate University pushed discipline at the expense of wellbeing. Existing safeguarding and student support were never enough. We can’t just return to the status quo: we need to fix it. 


Student Support: We need sustainable workloads, greater pastoral support, and more robust mental health support. I’ll push for:

  • Better mental health provision within colleges, including counsellors in all colleges

  • A fully funded and supported UCS

  • More funding to the DRC, lower wait times, and broader awareness of how to access help

  • Required pastoral training for all relevant college and university staff

  • Continuing the current SU’s work on restructuring term and workloads

  • BAME-specific welfare support, including BAME councillors


Student Community: The SU must give students a reason to engage with it, and needs to work alongside existing student societies to foster community and address issues affecting students. I’ll push for:

  • Regular meetings and broader consultation with student societies and sports teams

  • Better communication with students on issues that matter to them, beyond weekly e-mails

  • Broader collaboration between J/MCRs bringing undergraduate and graduate communities together

  • Clearer, step-by-step guides to raising concerns with the SU before they reach crisis


A Cambridge for All: Our university doesn’t work for everyone, and that hurts all of us. I’ll push for: 

  • A centralised disciplinary procedure & improved procedures in colleges, coupling more effective procedures with broader welfare systems for those facing harassment and abuse 

  • Better University engagement with international students, particularly with regards to housing and post-Brexit concerns

  • Continuing to resist PREVENT and addressing ongoing racism and islamophobia

  • Fairer rent and established mechanisms for student consultation on rent and kitchen charges


An Ethical University: This University needs to take its role in perpetuating inequality both in Cambridge and on a national and international scale more seriously. I’ll push for:

  • Collaboration with ARU on local Cambridge issues such as housing and homelessness.

  • A living wage and secure working contracts for all college and University staff

  • College divestment from fossil fuels and extractive mining, and for the University to bring forward its 2030 divestment and cut further ties to the fossil fuel industry


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