Cambridge SU hosts an annual Freshers' Fair event to showcase everything Cambridge has to offer to both new and returning students. Typically attracting over 15,000 students across two days, the usual in-person event will be reformatted for 2020 based on Covid-19 guidance surrounding large scale events. 

This years virtual fair will take place on Tuesday 6th October & Wednesday 7th October

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Cambridge SU has built a dedicated virtual fair platform to host our 2020 event and we'd love for student societies to get involved. Instead of charging a flat-fee for a booth as we would with our in-person event, societies will be able to contribute a donation in return for their booth should they wish to. Bearing in mind that around 80% of our commercial income comes from our freshers' fair event (which in turn is reinvested into the student community), we want to offer societies an opportunity to pay-as-you-feel for the 2020 event -more details on this will follow in due course.


What will the virtual event look like?

We've tried to keep the virtual fair as true to the real life experience (minus the crowds!). On entering the virtual fair, students will be greeted by our sabbatical officers and be presented with an interactive map featuring the different categories of societies. We'd recommend following the preset trail through the fair to help you explore everything on offer but you can easily skip past categories if you need to. Each category features society booths, different competitions, prizes and games for students to explore.


At the end of the trail, you'll find yourself at our Discount Discovery page which will connect you with all the commercial goodies and offers you'd expect of a freshers' fair event. 


How can we get involved?

In order to register for a booth at the freshers' fair, student societies should ensure they have completed the virtual freshers' fair registration form (see above). The deadline for free registration will be Sunday 23rd August 2020. 

What do we need to prepare for the virtual fair?

Just with the live event, you should prepare for the virtual fair by planning your content and checking availability among your team as to who can man the booth. We've maintained the usual 10am-4pm timings for each day of the fair and will encourage students to virtually visit during these hours to take full advantage of the interactive elements of the fair. We would not expect societies to man the Q&A element of their booth outside of these times, but you may do so if you wish.

  • Make sure your directory profile is up to date and feel free to add recent society news, photos, videos and any other content you wish to help you engage interested students and help them find out more about you. Your society profile will feature a Join option which students will use to join your mailing list. The executive committee of your society will then be able to use this mailing list to say hello to new (and returning) students who've expressed interest in joining your group all through the new Cambridge SU website.  Find out information about your new-look profile. 

  • Decide on your preferred virtual chat platform. The Q&A element to freshers' is a useful tool to help students find out more about your activities and events. You might wish to hold these conversations on your societies' Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for example (via chat), and/or use a video conferencing service. Google Meet and MS Teams provide live captions for in-browser calls, as well as allowing you to chat via text. Both are available without time limit if the meeting owner is logged in with their CRSID, and they are the best options for accessibility. Other options include Timeout (no time limit, no live captions) and Zoom (time limit, no live captions)

  • If you would like to make a term card available to students for download direct from your booth, please send this over as a text-selectable PDF file to attach, or a URL to a text-selectable digital termcard you would like to connect. (Text-selectable means the text is not within an image, as this cannot be read by accessibility software. Please follow guidance here on making documents legible and accessible or contact with any queries 

  • Finally, if you would like appear in our society showreel you may send us a video to feature on the digital equivalent of a stage. You might like to share a short video explaining your group and it's activities, a past performance or match replay for example. Videos of no longer than 5 minutes will be accepted to appear in the showreel on a first come, first served basis so don't miss out on this additional opportunity to be featured!You must provide a transcript of any speech in the video to be used for closed captions. The transcript should also include a text description of any visuals and written text embedded in the video. (Guidance here:


Virtual Freshers' Fair - University Department bookings NOW CLOSED

Virtual Freshers' Fair - Commercial bookings open!