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The DSC has produced a lot of resources, infographics and templates to help students know their rights and find support. The Disabled 101 Guide is the best starting point for everything you need to know about disability at Cambridge.


You can also speak to the Student Advice Service for further guidance on your individual case or application. The Student Advice Service consists of a number of trained professionals within Cambridge SU. You can contact them by email, phone and they offer appointments in person or by phone or Skype. They can help students with any problem, from academic to personal, and are based in the SU on the 3rd Floor of the University Centre.




Other Information


University services and procedures


Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

Disability Resource Centre
All disabled students, or students who think they may be disabled, should get in contact with the DRC as their first port of call. They provide advice and resources, write your Student Support Document with you, help you with Disabled Students’ Allowance, and generally look after your needs as a disabled student at Cambridge.

Get a disability Advisor and Student Support Document: Sign up with the Disability Resource Centre!

Some useful pages you might want to direct staff to are:

What colleges and departments can do

Inclusive teaching

Accessible materials


Exam Access and Mitigation Committee

Exam Access and Mitigation Committee
There are forms and guidance notes here for examination allowances (including “allow to progress” and alternative modes of assessment among others), intermission (“disregarding terms”), extensions, and fee remissions among others. Some particularly useful documents include:


University Counselling Service
The UCS provides free counselling to all students, including group meetings and workshops.


Changing College page (requires Raven login)


Code of Practice: Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Students
The University’s General Board for Education reviews this yearly, and it’s a good all-round document to refer to or send to relevant staff if reasonable adjustments are not being met.

 Access around Cambridge

University of Cambridge AccessAble
A comprehensive guide to accessing university buildings, including up-to-date photos and descriptions of access features

DRC Building Access Guide

Practical access information regarding the University of Cambridge for students, staff and visitors (redirects to AccessAble for many university sites)

Cambridge Accessibility
Our quick guide to accessing Cambridge (both the city and the university) and things it’s useful to be aware of.

Disability Access Guide
An extensive guide to access within the University. Slightly out of date in parts, especially the information about the city generally.

Accessible Cambridge
A resource site holding information about the accessibility of Cambridge, including guides for cafes and pubs. This site is somewhat out of date, but members of the DSC Committee are in the process of updating it; do get in touch if you’d like to input.

Cambridge Shopmobility
Cambridge Shopmobility loan out wheelchairs including electric wheelchairs and scooters during the day in town, generally 10am to 4pm weekdays and Saturday. There are two offices in Cambridge: one is in central town under the Grand Arcade and the other, which is also open Sundays, is in the Grafton Centre by the Vue Cinema.